Welcome, and thanks for dropping by.
I'm Adam, an animator / CG artist / creative director / motion designer from London.

From a background in illustration and ‘traditional’ animation, I started my digital career in web design and have since got back into animation with a vengeance, mainly using digital tools this time around. I feel extremely lucky that I’m able to make a living at what I enjoy so much.

I’m highly creative but also very hands-on and technical. I love making things look fantastic, however for me the creative process goes much deeper than visual design. Over the years I’ve practised many different skills in production, coding and software. I’m continually learning, and always keep an eye on current trends and technology.
I believe that this curiosity and technical awareness helps me to bring fresh ideas on how to answer briefs, and exploit mediums.

I can effectively direct shoots and sound sessions, as well as other filmmakers, designers and coders. My experience and attention to detail brings useful foresight when scoping and planning projects.

I’m confident in pitching to and consulting with clients, creatives, producers and account managers. As part of a team I’m open, friendly and hard-working, and thrive when working with other passionate and skilled people.

From thorough research, scoping, problem solving, adapting to feedback, and finessing, I take great pride in seeing a project through to successful realisation.

Want to see more?

Over the years I’ve worked across a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of clients. I’ve put most of the noteworthy projects on another portfolio, which I’ll continue to update regularly:

more work